Saiu a versão 11 do Blogo! Sim! Se você desconsiderar os pontos e ler o número da versão utilizando base 2 ou invés de base 10, você vai ler 11 ao invés de

A lista de correções está abaixo: Está em inglês. O que mais me deixa feliz é saber que eu contribui para a correção de diversos itens da lista.

Estou quase ficando dependente das facilidades que o Blogo me trouxe. Faltam ainda alguns pontos

[FIXED] Selecting File > New Blog… from the menu when the new blog alert was already active was creating a blank account and leaving the application unstable.

[FIXED] Categories are now pulled from the user”s blog along with keywords when downloading the post list.

[FIXED] Categories and keywords are now separated and assigned appropriately for MetaWeblog-compatible systems, and Blogo will warn the user when posting with a category which does not already exist.

[FIXED] Tab-order errors in the Accounts preference pane.

[FIXED] Switching to edit mode immediately after posting an article would sometimes result in a blank title and keywords field in the editing pane.

[FIXED] “Edit” links were appearing in the preview template for Blogger blogs.

[FIXED] Category suggestions would not appear until the window had been changed to Edit mode at least once.

[FIXED] Blogo was not correctly detecting settings when adding a blog with whitespace after the address through the Accounts preferences.

[FIXED] Pasting raw image data (e.g. an image selection copied from Photoshop) will now write the clipboard data to a file and add the image as normal.

[FIXED] Spontaneous crash when autosaving new post text.

[FIXED] Crash when entering a keyword with the “” character.

[FIXED] When adding a blog and entering incorrect login information, the blog was immediately appearing in the active blog list and if the preview was open it would attempt to generate a preview template for the new blog with the incorrect login info.

[FIXED] When adding a new blog, the currently selected blog will only be changed if the user is creating a new post.

[FIXED] When updating preview, the previous contents of the Preview window are now hidden while loading.

[FIXED] When editing a draft, the submit button is now labeled “Post” instead of “Update” to avoid confusion.

[FIXED] When changing the selected blog with the Preview window open, the template was being refreshed with the old article text. Changed this to wait until the first article has finished loading in the editor before changing the template to the new blog.

[FIXED] Draft button in the Preview window was not being disabled when editing already published posts.

[NEW] Added “New Ping” item to the File menu.

[FIXED] Double-clicking images in the list will now edit the selected image.

[FIXED] When changing the selected blog, the preview template will now be updated in the background if the Preview window is open.

[FIXED] Lag when opening the Preview window for the first with for a new blog.

[FIXED] Added “Generating preview” text to Preview window to improve clarity.

[FIXED] When deleting images with the cursor in a different area of the editor than the image being deleted, the editor was jumping back to the cursor position, losing the user”s place in the text.

[FIXED] When deleting an empty paragraph with “Insert new paragraph after two consecutive linebreaks” enabled in the Editing preferences, sometimes the deletion would be “undone” immediately afterwards.

[FIXED] “Keep proportions” in the image editor was not working properly when used on an area other than the first one selected when opening the editor.

[CHANGED] Adjusted layout of the Accounts preferences to priviledge the blog name and separate the space more clearly.

[FIXED] Changing a blog name in the preferences was not being reflected in the interface until restart.

[FIXED] Slight lag when switching to Edit pane and the post list was empty.

[NEW] Added “Refresh Preview” button to accounts preferences.

[FIXED] Deleting a post no longer requires waiting for the post list to refresh afterwards.

[FIXED] If a user posted an article and opened the Preview for the first time for a new blog, Blogo would sometimes “confuse” the article being posted with the preview”s template generation test post, deleting the posting article and leaving the test post on the blog.

[FIXED] Date of last software update check was being cut off in the middle on some non-English systems.

[CHANGED] “Keep proportions” is now enabled by default in the image editor for cropping to a specific size.

[FIXED] Error in license validation which would allow the user to submit a blank license key for activation by pressing enter.

[FIXED] When dragged from a web browser, some texts were being pasted as plain text.

[FIXED] Improved performance of the editor for longer texts.

[FIXED] Selecting images by clicking in the editor was not selecting the corresponding image in the image view, and vice versa.

[FIXED] The image editor will now retain the “Size to fit” settings from the last time the image was edited.

[FIXED] When editing an image, it was not retaining cropper values when editing a second time.

[FIXED] Removed a hack which was added to fix a bug where the image editor was ignoring selection changes, but which caused the editor to appear empty when importing certain texts. The root cause of the issue is now fixed.

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